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When the dark nasty showed up on my annual mammogram, I put my long career as a ceramic sculptor on hold as I faced a myriad of life-affirming and life-altering treatments. Though my spirit felt sapped, I managed to find the juice to sketch almost every day.


Mammary Lane is a collection of sketches, prose and poems that illustrate my journey through the diagnosis, treatment and cure of breast cancer.


Often humorous, sometimes wrenching and ultimately uplifting, Mammary Lane is both a memoir and a journal of survival. It is a love story featuring drawings of the many caregivers, both two- and four-legged, that helped me through the emotional and physical upheavals of breast cancer treatment. It illustrates my evolving decisions on breast reconstruction and eventual deconstruction. Finally, it is a tale of seeking and finding comfort in a changed body.

Ashes to Ashes, Bust to Dust

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