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A Breast Cancer Survivor Sketches Her Battle

Georgia Public Broadcasting News - March 30, 2015


Rosemary Griggs is an artist, author and ceramic sculptor who lives and works in St. Simons Island, Georgia. She is also a breast cancer survivor; she had a double mastectomy and then four related surgeries. She wrote about her battle in a self-published book called "Mammary Lane: A Sketchbook of Breast Cancer Survival".



Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Sketchbook of Recovery

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Monica R. Richardson October 6, 2014


In life there are many turning points. Joys, tragedies, changes we prepare for as well as those we don't. Sometimes it's the things we aren't prepared for that make us better and stronger human beings in the end.


There's that old saying that in every test of life there is a testimony.



“Mammary Lane” Leads Breast Cancer Survivor to Atlanta

Press Release - Terri Evans September 3, 2014


ATLANTA – Harrowing, provocative and sometimes hilarious, “Mammary Lane, A Sketchbook of Breast Cancer Survival,” is not for sissies – neither is breast cancer, as vividly conveyed by author and artist Rosemary Griggs. Griggs will be signing her illustrated memoir at Atlanta’s Charis Books and More during a free event from 7:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 11, 2014. The cover price of the book is $22.95. 

A Farewell to Breasts

Flagpole - Pete McCommons September 3, 2014


I first knew my cousin-in-law Rosemary Griggs as a sexy young artist with an independent streak and a wonderfully offbeat creative sensibility expressed through compelling clay constructions and also in her visually stimulating home near the ocean on St. Simons. Even in the second half of her 40s, she’s still all of the above. If you don’t think the 40s are young, just wait. And if you don’t think a woman without breasts can be sexy, just meet Rosie.



Cancer Survivors Book Meant To Create Discussion

Coastal Illustrator - Mary Starr July 23, 2014


It’s probably safe to assume everyone reading this has even affected by a cancer diagnosis in one way or another. And with approximately one in eight women - a little more than 12 percent in the United States being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer over the course of a lifetime according to, many families’s cancer stories involve breast cancer. That 12 percent rate nearly doubles for women for women whose mothers, sisters or daughters have had breast cancer. The most significant risk factors are being female and getting older. But, 85 percent of women who are diagnosed have no family history of breast cancer.

Trip down "Mammary Lane" brings out good, bad of cancer battle

The Florida Times-Union - Terry Dickson July 12, 2014


ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA. | If Rosemary Griggs ever wanted to write a book she would have chosen a different subject. And perhaps about something where the research didn’t so hurt so badly.


Griggs is an artist who works in clay, who often turns out female nudes and sometimes just partial torsos with bare breasts. It is a strange bit of irony that she lost her own breasts to cancer in 2006, three weeks after she was diagnosed. Actually, she lost one to active cancer, the other to its possibility.

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